About Vision

About Vision

Welcome to the fellowship of International Rotary Vision Facilitators, individuals of purpose and enthusiasm who believe they can make a difference one club at a time. Visioning is a foundation element for clubs, bringing members together toward…

  • Continuity of leadership, vision and process
  • Consistency in programming
  • Consensus toward solidarity and unanimity in purpose and action

The Club you serve will benefit from the teamwork you and your fellow Vision Facilitators display as you guide a group of Rotary Club leaders through a process that will deliver a vision of the club “not as it is, but as it can become.”  The vision presents a club with a strong path toward the future while enrolling current membership toward a clear set of goals.

Professionally the guidelines will provide each of you with a skill set and process that can be applied wherever a group of individuals comes together for a common purpose looking for an uncommon result. The skills you develop and the process you learn will be an asset available to each of you in times to come.

Personally, as a Rotary volunteer, you will not only grow as a leader but will make a difference with your fellow Rotarians and their clubs through your actions. The personal satisfaction that comes from facilitating your fellow Rotarians toward their vision in growth and delivery of service cannot be matched.  It IS your “Legacy of Service”.


Your expressed interest in getting your district moving forward with Club Visioning is appreciated and welcomed by the International Vision Facilitation Council (IVFC).

Your personal initiative to implement Visioning will enable clubs to optimize their performance.

“Seeing itself not as it is, but as it can become” is a key step in a Rotary Club developing its three-year plan to ensure greater consistency, continuity, and consensus with its strategic ends.

In addition to this summary, more about the Visioning program can be learned on this IVFC website where you will find videos, templates, and guidelines.

What are the steps to implement a Club Vision program within your District?

Step 1 – The process starts with the DG, DGE, and DGN supporting and endorsing the Club Visioning concept. Their commitment is critical for Club Visioning promotion, team resourcing, and program funding.

Step 2 – District leadership identifies a District Club Vision Facilitation Chair who can serve a minimum of 2 -3 years to ensure program stability.

Step 3 – Identify and recruit a team of vision facilitators willing to commit to Vision Facilitator Workshop training sponsored by and supported by your district leadership team. This team should consist of at least 10-15 interested Rotarians that have Rotary knowledge and facilitation skill sets. The team should have a mix of gender and age.

Step 4 - District leadership or the Chair clicks on “Contact Us” to provide district information (Contact person, District and Zone numbers, and contact information).  Once we get this information, IVFC will send a District Club Visioning Enrollment Agreement for the District to submit, and then pay the annual subscription (which covers our costs of developing and supporting the RI Vision Facilitation website). Other than usual travel accommodations for the trainers during an on-site training or presentation (PETS, President’s Membership Conferences…), all trainers and facilitators support our Club Visioning program without remuneration. We are all volunteers.

Step 5 – Once IVFC has received the District Club Visioning Enrollment Agreement and subscription fee, the District Chair is provided the password and user name for access to the “Member Only” section of the website.  All the IVFC materials and videos are available on the website for the District Chair to use within their district’s club visioning program.  An IVFC representative will also contact the Chair to talk about their facilitator training needs and options to include possibly virtual.

Step 6 – It is essential to market Club Visioning within your district via the DG line, AGs and the District Club Vision Facilitation Team.  Next is to enroll clubs to conduct a club vision workshop.  We serve clubs by invitation NOT by our expectation.