About Vision

About Vision

Welcome to the fellowship of International Rotary Vision Facilitators, individuals of purpose and enthusiasm who believe they can make a difference one club at a time. Visioning is a foundation element for clubs, bringing members together toward…

  • Continuity of leadership, vision and process
  • Consistency in programming
  • Consensus toward solidarity and unanimity in purpose and action

The CLUB you serve will benefit from the teamwork you and your fellow Vision Facilitators display as you guide a group of Rotary Club leaders through a process that will deliver a vision result. This Vision Result presents a club with a strong path toward the future while enrolling current membership toward a clear set of goals.

Professionally these Guidelines will provide each of you with a skill set and process that can be applied where ever a group of individuals comes together for a common purpose looking for an uncommon result. The skills you develop and the process you learn will be an asset available to each of you in times to come.

Personally as a Rotary volunteer you will not only grow as a leader but will make a difference with your fellow Rotarians and their clubs through your actions. The personal satisfaction that comes from facilitating your fellow Rotarians toward their vision in growth and delivery of service cannot be matched..it IS your “Legacy of Service”.

VIDEO – Purpose of Club Visioning
Steps for IVFC Enrollment

Purpose of Club Visioning