Greetings from the International Vision Facilitation Council

“Organized, dedicated and trained Rotarians guiding a Rotary club to better envision its future.”

Since 2002 dedicated Rotarians have volunteered their time in the delivery of individual Rotary Club Vision events. To date District level Facilitation Teams support Rotary Clubs across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the Nordic, and the Caribbean. Over 25 years we have trained more than 1500 facilitators and impacted more than 125 Districts as teams of 3-5 are delivering 4 hrs in Person and Virtual Club events.

We strive to provide our District Club Visioning Chairs and District Leadership with the most up to date tools supporting Club Visioning and Vision to Success efforts. If this is your first visit to this website, please review our FAQ page to better understand Club Visioning and how your district can get involved. If you are a subscribed District Chair, you will continue to find new and improved tools and methods in the secure Documents within the Access Portal to support your district’s visioning efforts. THANK YOU to our diligent group of volunteers who continue to deliver facilitation in the premier sustainable club planning process serving Rotary.

Steve Wilcox
Chair, International Vision Facilitation Council