Steps of Implementation for a District interested in Club Visioning

Step 1 – The process all starts with the DG, DGE, and DGN supporting and endorsing the Club Visioning concept.

Step 2 – District leadership Identifies a District Vision Facilitation Chair who can serve a minimum of 2 -3 years to ensure program stability.

Step 3 – Identify and recruit a team of vision facilitators willing to commit to a 7 hour – Saturday – Vision Facilitator Workshop sponsored by and supported by your district leadership team. This team should consist of at least 12-15 interested Rotarians that have Rotary knowledge and facilitation skill sets. The team should consist of half men and half women with a wide range of ages. In D-5960 we strive to send facilitation teams into our clubs that have a mix of gender and age. Our training events are geared for 15 – 30 trainees so we would encourage you to inquire the interest and inclusion of neighboring districts to share the costs.
Step 4 is for district leadership and the chair to endorse our annual District Club Visioning Agreement and subscription ($100 which covers our costs of developing and supporting the rivisionfacilitation.org website). Other than usual travel accommodations for the trainers during a training or presentation (PETS, President’s Membership Conferences…) all trainers and facilitators support our Club Visioning program without remuneration…we are all volunteers.

Step 5 – once the District Club Vision Facilitation Team is recruited then the District Vision Facilitation Chair communicates with the International Vision Facilitation Committee ( steve@theresultants.com) the readiness and interest in setting a Training Date. We then offer a couple of “Training Workshop” Saturdays for consideration and then we finalize the date.

Step 6 – once we have received the District Club Visioning Agreement and subscription fee the District Chair is provided the password and user name for access to the document download center on our website. This is the location of the 165 page Guideline Manual for Club Visioning. The District Vision Facilitation Chair will download and print a binder for each participant in the Training Workshop along with downloading various handouts that are a part of every Training workshop.

Step 7 – Market Club Visioning within your district via DG “types”, AG’s and the District Vision Facilitation Team. We serve clubs by invitation NOT by our expectation.

How will we know the Vision facilitation was successful?

There are at least three measures of success.

An immediate measure of progress will be the members’ pledge and willingness to move the planning processes from a nice-to-do concept to meaningful growth programs for the Club, its members, and its community.

The second is that the output from this session is woven into the annual plans of the incoming and succeeding Presidents. It will be reflected in the continuity and consistency of programming and leadership in your Club.

Finally, the long-term mark of accomplishment will be at the end of five years when your Club advances from where it is to where it wants to be.

What is expected of me?
As a Rotarian in a club that requests a Club Vision Facilitation, the facilitation team anticipates you will come with an open mind, stay the entire session and be fully engaged in a productive, creative session to define the future of your Club. That includes our hope you will share your views, hopes, and expectations with thoughtful candor.
What should I expect from the session?

The session will start at 5:00 PM with a light supper provided by your Rotary Club. You should expect the session to last 3 ½ to 4 hours. The location will be specified by your Club’s facilitation “coordinator.

The facilitators will then…

Direct you in a writing exercise where you can describe your Club “not as it is, but as is it has become” five years out. You and your fellow Rotarians will “see” and envision your future Club in terms of membership, club attributes, special projects, fundraising, and the like.

Convert into “stretch” descriptions what all participating members have written as the desired Club future, writing those descriptions on flip charts.

Organize those descriptions into a set of categories helpful in prioritizing your Club’s planning focus and post them around the meeting room.

Lead you through a structured prioritization method enabling Club members to develop consensus around and commit to take action on the most important areas to achieve the desired Club future.

The facilitation concludes when specific assignments of responsibility for next steps are identified and, including a preliminary determination of what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.

Where will it take place?

Your local Club Coordinator will select a site that is comfortable, spacious, and convenient.

Your Club Coordinator will also take care of the meeting room environment. Your District Club Vision Facilitation Chair and District Club Vision Facilitation Coordinator will communicate these requirements to your Club’s Event Coordinator.

Is there someone in my Rotary Club who will provide me more information?
Your club will identify a “Club Event Coordinator” who will provide all the information and direction you will need before the session. Your Club Event Coordinator will work with your District Vision Facilitation Chair and District Vision Facilitation Coordinator to outline the expectations of a Club Visioning Event and provide your club with all of the preparation materials necessary to ensure a successful event.
Who should participate from my Rotary Club?

The session is intended for all interested Rotarians in your club—from your newest members to your most tenured. The breadth and depth of the facilitation exercise is ensured when Club leaders and its opinion-makers participate.

Participants will often represent current or past roles as president, director, and committee chair. Moreover, attendance is expected among present board members, the current president, president-elect, president-elect nominee, immediate past-president, and two other past-presidents. Their collective involvement is essential.

Why is the session being conducted?

Your Club decided to schedule the session because of its dedication to and desire to launch an effort to reinforce the planning principles promoted in the new Club Leadership Plan (CLP). This plan announced at the 2005 Rotary International Convention.

The first CLP recommendation is that each local Club develops a long-range plan to ensure continuity and consistency among leadership and programming and set the stage for future progress.

What District Did You Start In
Through humble beginnings 8 years ago in District 5960 – Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin USA at a small Rotary Club requesting a strategic planning event a single person’s effort grew into a program supporting the Rotary Clubs of 80+ districts in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Over 660 Trained District Vision Facilitators are able to respond to a club invitation to facilitate a Club Visioning event deploying a team of 3 – 4 in these 80 districts.
When does VTAP usually happen?

Ideally the PE begins this process in August or September, with VTAP occurring in January, before spring training events such as PETS or Spring Assembly.

What does Business Planning mean?

Business Planning is developing a Strategic Plan and converting it into a calendar of actions for club members to perform in order to meet your club’s goals.

How does VTAP increase the value of membership?

We provide tools to understand and address the reasons your members joined your club.

How does VTAP impact membership?

Most Rotarians join Rotary to have an impact on their community. VTAP provides your club with the tools to maximize your positive community impact.

How do we monitor our progress?

We learn from what we have done by developing measurable goals. This allows you to compare your progress against expected progress, and against mercurial local needs.

How do we get member buy-in?

Ask each of your members, one-on-one, to be personally involved. Be up-front with what the club needs to do, how much time they need to invest personally, and what results you seek to achieve.

How do I get started?

Many districts have a Visioning Chair. You can reach out to your district leadership to see if your district already has a Visioning plan in place. If not, please fill out our Inquiry form and we will reach out to your DG.

Do you accept credit card payments?
We can accept credit card payments from within the USA. We are not able to accept payments from outside of the USA.

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